To use the services, you must comply with the rules and regulations.

Before signing up – read.
The agreed date means that you ACCEPT the following rules.


❌ When you have a cold, sick, take antibiotics – weakened body produces antibodies, and the end result may be far from expected. If just before the appointment you caught a cold, let me know, we will set a different date
❌ When you take medicines that excessively thin the blood or you suffer from hemophilia
❌ If you have inflammation, active herpes, skin disease (psoriasis, severe acne, untreated SOS) within the treatment area
❌ When you have diabetes, thyroid disease, kidney disease and it is not stabilized by a doctor
❌ When you are in oncological treatment (radiotherapy, chemistry, operations)
❌ When you have epilepsy (epilepsy)
❌ When you are “fresh” after other treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine (laser, exfoliating acids, fillers). After such treatments must be about 3-4 weeks, if you are not sure – call, write?
❌ When you use eyelash and eyebrow growth supplements – these substances very strongly dilate the blood vessels, so pigment can spill out. Until surgery, they should be discontinued
❌ When you have an old permanent makeup (or rather a tattoo), and its coverage is impossible due to the intense color. Do not judge for yourself – contact me.
❌ You have cancer. You must have positive feedback from the oncologist and good blood tests for surgery.
❌ You have freshly enlarged lips. You must wait for 28 days to fill pigmentation.
❌ You did botox. 21 days after facial injection, treatment can be performed


✅ we do not do henna
✅ we do not adjust eyebrows
✅ we do not make acids that exfoliate the skin
✅ we do not tan our mouth


✅ we do not drink alcohol and do not consume stimulants
✅ we do not drink drinks with caffeine and theine
✅ we do not take aspirin, etc.

In the case of EYELINER and LIGHTENING GRADE LINE, stop using eyelash serum at least one month before surgery.

In the case of Lips– for 4 days before you start using Heviran and 4 days after the procedure, it will avoid herpes (this also applies to people who have never left). Go to the primary care physician and ask for a prescription or purchase of a 200 mg non-prescription medication. After the treatment, we drink through the tube and do not smoke until the scabs go down. In addition, we do not eat spicy and highly seasoned dishes.


❌ You are not allowed to use the solarium, sauna, swimming pool, gym, while washing your face, avoid the area pigmented until healing (min 1-2 weeks)


❓Does it hurt
The pain sensations are different. Before the surgery, I will scald you with an anesthetic cream, and during the procedure I will give you another anesthetic in a gel that will shrink the blood vessels, minimizing pain. If you follow the recommendations and arrange an appointment after menses, the treatment is virtually painless.

❓What is the procedure?
A visit should take about 2-4 hours depending on the pigmented area. I do not work quickly and under time pressure, because it is your face and I want to perform the procedure as best as possible. In addition, before the beginning of pigmentation, I am desensitizing, I discuss everything in detail with you, I make a preliminary drawing and we select the individual color according to your preference and your phototype.

❓How long the effect lasts
This is a very individual matter. Most often the effect of permanent make-up (NOT a tattoo) lasts from 17-36 months. Thanks to this, after a period of 2.5-3 years we can calmly change shape, color, technique.

The durability depends primarily on the type of skin, the method of care, exposure to UV radiation, the state of health, the technique chosen and the depth to which the pigment is applied. To maintain the effect, it is recommended to refresh (additional pigmentation) after 14-18 months. In the case of the lip, the pigment lasts twice as long.

❓How will I look on the first day and if there is swelling
For sure immediately after the treatment is visible red in the vicinity of the pigmented skin. It results from interrupting its continuity. However, the effect of the “red glow” lasts max to 2-4 h. Some ladies go down to half an hour after the treatment.

On the first day of eyebrows, your eyes will certainly be more intense, but you do not need to organize a day off for yourself (unless you feel uncomfortable). Do not panic. For the first days, makeup is intense, it is a fresh wound, it may seem to be broken or uneven by swelling.

❓What healing looks like and how long it lasts
You should be fine for a week. From the pigmented area, delicate peel will come down, when they go down the color will appear brighter (contrast principle). You need to give time for the pigment to stabilize, because it takes up to 28 days in the skin. The effect should be evaluated only 2-3 weeks after the surgery. And remember! Never pick scabs, you can break up with the given pigment!

❓What is a correction and if it is needed
From 30 to 50 days after the surgery, we meet again to correct some defects (if they are), to darken the eyebrows, to fix the color. We can bypass the 2nd procedure, but do not make the same decision. If you do not turn to a correction, you miss the date, then the eyebrows are considered unfinished and the result may be far from expected.

If you have already agreed to the correction and again canceled- another option is a fee-based correction at a price of 150 PLN max up to 60 days after the surgery. Cancellation or postponement less than 7 days before the procedure results in a loss of deposit or cost of PLN 150 for the correction. Let us respect each other and our time.